ADO “Wall of Shame”

The Coalition For Change, Inc. (C4C)’s  Federal Officials  ADO (Alleged Discriminating Officials)  “Wall of Shame” lists persons named in employment discrimination court proceedings and /or who engaged in activities that compromise the efficiency of federal services and our nation’s safety. For a more comprehensive list visit our C4C main webpage at

 ANGEROME, Anthony (Sgt).   (Department of Homeland Security)   Alleged to have demeaned African-American male employee and accosted him on a public corner.  Court denied agency motion to dismiss the employee’s hostile work environment claim. (Williams v Chertoff)

AGUINO, Mario.    (Department of Commerce)   Office of Special Counsel conducted nvestigation. OSC File No. DI-10-0454 – An Investigation found Mr. Aguino guilty of “mismanaging” asbestos conditions.  Letter written to President Obama dated June 10, 2011 re: Mario Aquino asbestos mismanagement and exposing employees to airborne asbestos levels in the attic exceeded OSHA’s Permissible Exposure Limit. (See pg 3). (Lee vs Locke)

BENOWITZ, Mitch.   (Department of Commerce)                               Wells vs Evans.  [Case1:04-cv-01409-PLF ]   Court record reflects that General Counsel directed Departmental medical doctor to change his report regarding class agent (Janet Howard, et. al vs  Secretary of Commerce)

BATTEN, Peter.   (Department of Defense)    Case 1:10-cv-01695-JDB   Filed 10/05/10
Alleged to have made racially derogatory comments such as – he could not tell when a black man was blushing; that his “Mexican female paper carrier was lazy”; negative comments about Filipinos; and comments allleging that “President Obama would appoint black rappers to high ranking government positions.” (Caywood v Gates)

BICE, Debra.     (Social Security Administration)                        Ighalo  v. Astrue              In this non-selection case for supervisory paralegal specialist, a Judge Debra Bice is alleged to have engaged in discrimination. According to court records, an employee of Nigerian background raises national origin discrimination.    Although the court ruled summary judgement in favor of the agency, court records evidence that Defendant Bice told the selecting recommendation official that the Black male had an “accent.”   Plaintiff asserts in this case Defendant’s Bice statement to the job recommending officials was a coded message suggesting “otherness” or “undesirability” that stigmatized Plaintiff and thwarted equal access to job opportunity.                                                                            

BRANDT, Robert.   (Department of Justice-U.S. Marshal Service)   Case No.1.08-cv-01747-HHK   Alleged to have contributed to hostile work climate and “good old boys network.” Named in USMS class action. Grogan, et. al vs Mukasey                (See pg 31.)

BROOKS, Jana.   (Department of Commerce)  (See pg 14). (Lee vs Locke)

BROWNER, Carol M.     (Environmental Protection Agency)         Coleman-Adebayo v Browner     In 2000, the court found Browner and the EPA guilty of racism. sexism and color discrimination against Coleman-Adebayo, and awarded her $300,000. Plaintiff (Coleman-Adebayo) said that Browner allowed the problems to persist rather than trying to clean them up. Congressional dissatisfaction with the workforce culture at EPA and the EPA’s treatment of Coleman-Adebayo led to passage of the No FEAR Act in 2002, which prohibits federal managers and supervisors from engaging in unlawful discrimination and retaliation. “Driving Ms. Daisy Syndrome –Reference to Browner”

BURKE-SANOW, Nancy J.       (Securities and Exchange Commission)      (Case No. 1:11-cv-00574-BAH      (Filed 03/02/2011}  alleged to have made racist comments according to court filing and engaged in hostile treatment. Notably, a  Securities and Exchange Commission lawyer sued the agency for racial discrimination, alleging that she was denied pay raises and harassed because she is African-American.

CADE, David.    (Health and Human Services)            Civil No.WDQ-02-3533
His response discloses a racial animus (albeit, perhaps not his own) directly linked to the contested promotion decision(s) Former Acting Director of the Medicaid Bureau and presently Deputy General Counsel, [Memorandum Opinion issued May 8, 2003 cites Cade in complaint ]   “In further support of her claim of raceand-gender discrimination, Ms. Jeffers points again to the alleged, contemporaneous statement of Mr. Cade that he was not going to “start promoting a lot of blacks to super grades.” Def.’s Mot, Ex. 8 at 29. She points also to the promotion and employment record of the Medicaid Bureau in general and Mr. Cade in particular. Of the five employees that Mr. Cade promoted to GS-15 positions during his tenure as acting director, not one was an African-American. Cade Decl. ¶ 6.”     Jeffers v Thompson                                                                           

DUKE, David.    (Air National Guard)       EEOC No. 250-2004-00174X      Order for Injunctive Relief stated that agency official should cease and desist all paper trails and inferences of complainants security filed which included language that complainant is a “national security risk, threat to the nation and a terrorist — after she filed EEO complaint. Discrimination found.

DWYER, Brian.    (Department of Treasury-Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration) Cas No. 07-5392  Summary judgement found for Defendant; however court asserted “What the record does show, however, is Dwyer had a problem with women agents and decided to promote a male with a sullied record even though a qualified female with a pristine record was available. ”$file/07-5392-1186316.pdf

FANNING, Fred.   Department of Commerce      (Lee v Locke)       Civil Action No. 11-0358       Filed Feb 11, 2011.   In addition  the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) conducted investigation into official’s mismanagement.  OSC File No. DI-10-0454 – An Investigation found Ms. Brooks guilty of “mismanaging” asbestos conditions.  Letter written to President Obama dated June 10, 2011 re: Fred E. Fanning asbestos mismanagement and exposing employees to airborne asbestos levels in the attic exceeded OSHA’s Permissible Exposure Limit.

FILLER, Diane.    (Department of Justice) Case No. 07-10(CKK) Filed 1/4/07   The court ultimately concluded that the Plaintiff had proferred sufficient evidence to demonstrate that there were genuine material facts to cast doubt on Defendant’s true reason for not promoting African-American employee.

FRED, Terry.  (Department of Justice)  Federal Marshal Terry Fred, who was transferred from Fargo N.D. to Phoenix did not show up for duty.  According to article by the Associated Press, dated May 2007, entitled “Demoted U.S. Marshal faces 2Nd DUI Charge, the marshal was arrested for  another drunken driving charge.  Named as Responsible Management Official in an employment discrimination complaint in 2009 and in 2012.

FREEH, Louis J. (Department of Justice) Case No. 03-2531   (Davis v Filip)                    Alleged to have discriminated against African-American employee who ranked highest among all job applicants and was the number one recommended candidate. Freeh allegedly – bypassed the recommendation. “Further, the Court “agree[d] [with the plaintiff] that a reasonable jury could infer that Director Freeh’s explanation as to why he chose Lagomarsino over the plaintiff [was] a pretext for discrimination.”

GAMBINO, Philip A. (Social Security Administration)   Case No. 08-cv-02665-JFM Murchison v Astrue. Discrimination Found.                                                        Read more at http://

HOHE, William.    (Department of Transportation-Federal Aviation Administration) Cas. No. 02-1498 (GK) *Court concluded sufficient evidence existed from which a jury could reasonably infer a retaliatory motive.  Henderson v Mineta

HOULIHAN, Kevin.   (Department of Homeland Security) Cas 1:00-cv-00953-RWR Filed 05/03/2000.  Named in racial discriminatiion class action filed by numerous Secret Service agents. (Multiple Plaintiffs*)                                                            

HUNNICUTT, Carrie.   (Department of Homeland Security) Cas 1:00-cv-00953-RWR Filed 12/17/2008.   Reportedly involved in the destruction of trial evidence involving a class action discrimination case filed by African-American Secret Service Agents. See Moore v Chertoff.  Court grants Plaintiffs sanctions against the Department. (Moore et. a., vs Chertoff)

INGALD, Jane.     (Department of Commerce: Bureau of Census)           Case DKC 2006-1603 Case cites where Jane Ingold admits telling plaintiff that plaintiff had opened a – Pandoras Box – by writing a letter to her Congressman, complaining about the alleged race discrimination. Pg. 4 of 12 of Memorandum Opinion.                 

KEARNS, Allen.   (Social Security Administration)   Case No. 09-3473.  Plaintiff maintains that Kearns retaliatory motive may be imputed to the SSA because he influenced thepromotion decision by “feeding false information to agency official.” Evidence supports the inference that Kearns provided false information. Poer v Astrue

KENNEY, Chris.  (Department of Interior-Bureau of Reclamation) Cas 1:06-cv-00980-RJL.   Discrimination not found to cause hostile work environment; however an alleged inappropriate relationship between Kenney and another subordinate employee was cited  in court records.

LARWOOD, John.  (Social Security Administration)   Case No.CCB 05-2950.  Case references where an arbitrator found that Mr. Larwood gave an employee preferential treatment.   Jarvis vs Astrue

LEONARD, Joe.       (Department of Agriculture)
Mr. Leonard, in his role of Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, was named as an official who obstructed employee filing of EEO complaint.     Activity reported to EEOC – Office of Federal Operations October 14, 2010       Ref. #0120102592

LION, Linda.  (US AID)   414 F3d 13 Porter v. S Natsios (DC Cir. 2005).   “Regarding the EM position, Porter’s emphasis on the conflicting testimony of Linda Lion and of another USAID witness only underscores why this court should defer to the district court’s credibility determinations.”  NOTE: Jury found retaliation in district court.

LITTLEJOHN, Craig.  (Department of Interior)     EEOC Case No. 570-2008-00625X    July 2, 2010.   EEOC judge found Littlejohn guilty of discrimination.  “EEOC Judge Furcolo asserted Littlejohn’s discriminatory animus toward the African-american employees he supervised is palpable.  Littlejohn is on record as commenting that in his opinion, “they as a group were not skillful and were incompetent.”   Littlejohn improperly interfered with the selection process of a Black applicant.

MALONE-GILMER,  Sandra.  (US AID)   414 F3d 13 Porter v. S Natsios (DC Cir. 2005).  “Member of interview panel. Jury found retaliation against Plaintiff for his filing racial discrimination complaints as a motivating factor in his employer‛s decision not to select him for two of the GS-15 positions.”

McNUTT, Pat.  (Department of Commerce)      Augustus v Locke (Civil Action No.09-1003(EGS)       March 29, 2010 Court Opinion – Judge ruled in favor of plaintiff with regard to defeating summary judgment of race and sex discrimination claims.   McNutt (supervisor) allegedly failed to compensate employee for additional COTR duties assigned because of her race (Black) and sex (female)  Judge granted agency claim regarding retaliation. However, the court found that the African-American employee maintains the right to bring retaliation claim in federal district court upon completion of administrative process.

NEGRON-MORALES, Mirza.      (Department of Housing and Urban Development)   Case No.160-2005-00337X   FOUND GUILTY OF RETALIATION.  Agency official found guilty for retaliating against employee who had previously engaged in protected EEO activity by suspending him on two occasions.   [HUD-New York Office] (Saracco v. HUD, EEOC Hearing No. 520-2009-00104X).

PETCHEL, Gregory.   (Department of Justice-U.S. Marshal Service)   Case No.1.08-cv-01747-HHK.   Alleged to have contributed to hostile work climate and “good old boys network.”     Named in USMS class action.  Grogan, et. al vs Mukasey                (See pg 30.)

PETERSON, Charles.  (Department of Health and Human Services-National Institute of Health)   Case No. RWT 07-2426 Aug. 13, 2009 Memorandum Opinion Rendered; Discrimination claim; According to court records more than one employee filed claims against Dr. Charles Peterson.   Previous allegations also includes sexual harassment according to court records.

PRIVETT, Lee.   (Department of Transportation) Alleged to have told plaintiff that he (Privett) was in the position to harm plaintiff’s career and told plaintiff “not to f**k with him.  Armstrong v Mineta

RIDGELY, Debbie.  (Health and Human Services)         Case No. 07-2128 RMU          Holmes-Martin v Sebelius The Memorandum Opinion of the U.S. District Judge Richard Urbina, dated March 17, 2010 discloses “the plaintiff’s [Holmes-Martin, African-American] prima facie case  and the independent evidence of a discriminatory motive, a reasonable jury could infer that Ridgely transferred the plaintiff’s Deputy Director duties to Clarence Randall [Caucasian] out of a discriminatory motive.”

SACCO, Ron.  (Postal Service) Docket No. 06-4384-cv Decided: November 3, 2008.        On September 29, 2003, the plaintiff was physically assaulted by Ron Sacco, a supervisor at the Wallingford plant.(Sacco was not the plaintiff’s direct supervisor when the incident occurred.) Sacco grabbed the plaintiff’s arm, punched him in the shoulder and the chest, spit in his face, and poked him in the eye.   Sacco was ultimately issued a “Letter of Warning” for – Conduct Unbecoming a Postal Supervisor– and was transferred to another work assignment for at least a year.

SELLERS, Doug.   (Environmental Protection Agency) Cas No. 98-5408; No. 98-5409 No. 94cv00208; No. 95cv02013.* Employee won jury verdict proving race discrimination and harassment; District Judge challenged Sellers credibility under oath. Agency appealed. (Barbour v Browner)  

SHEPARD, Diana “Deanna.”  (Department of Commerce-Human Resource Representative) Case 1:04-cv-01409   Filed 08/19/2004.  Wells vs Evans.  Cited in Medical Doctor’s lawsuit against the Department.   Alleged to have targeted Janet Howard, class agent, as being the ringleader of a group of people who met in the library to exchange information about racial discrimination at Commerce. According to court records, Shepard referred to this group as the — “library crew” and stated that Ms. Howard needed to be gone. “She added that the library crew would come to an end after Ms. Howard was gone.”

THOMPSON, Katherine.     (Department of Interior)      FOUND GUILTY OF DISCRIMINATION.  EEOC Case Number 550-2009-00090X      January 28, 2011      *Named in multiple complaints Administrative Judge found discrimination when Ms. Thompson (Asst. Regional Director for Business Services) removed employee from supervisory position and gave her work assignment for which she did not have the skills required for the tehnical work, thus setting her up to fail.

THOMPSON, Maurice.       (Department of Agriculture)   OSC File No. MA-11-0169
Alleged to have engaged in prohibited personnel practice that led to the removal of an African-American employee.

VOCKE, Pamela.     (Health and Human Services)  Civil No.WDQ-02-3533              “The environment in which Ms. Jeffers worked may have been at times, unpleasant; as a matter of law, it was not hostile. “ NOTE: With respect to Jeffers’ claim of racial discrimination the court denied HHS’s motion for summary judgement.

WAGNER, Anne.  (Government Accountability Office)    Civil No.1:07-cv-01452-JDB  Filed 03/05/10   In the action against Ann Wagner, who presently serves as Vice-Chairman of the the Merit Systems Protection Board, the court found that the record showed evidence on which a reasonable jury could find that defendants proferred reasons for terminating a senior trial attorney were a pretext for retaliation. Case settled in 2012.  It is reported that Wagner failed to disclose the  employment discrimination case against her during her confirmation for the MSPB Vice-Chairman position.

WALTON, Kimberly   H.  (Department of Commerce)    Agency No 99-51-00707
While serving as civil rights director, Ms. Walton is alleged to have disclosed employee prior eeo complaint history to a manager outside complainant’s division.  After leaving Commerce, Ms. Walton later accepted a position with the Transportation Security Administration.!search/profile/person?personId=47908794&targetid=profile

WEED, James.    (Department of Health and Human Services)    Case No. 05cv731    Court awards summary judgement to agency despite EEO counselors written admission during formal counseling stage that racial discrimination existed in the present case.

WHEELES, Timothy.    (Department of Health and Human Services)  Case No. RWT 07-2426.  Named as a responsible official involved in the removal of an African-American, female doctor, who has dedicated her career to combating sickle cell disease and other medical disorders that severely impact fetal and maternal health.      Multiple actions alleged against Mr. Wheeles. See related case  on appeal

YOURKE, Electra.    (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)    Case Filed 12/07/2010    Jones v Berrien, et. al Filed in the U.S. District Court For The Southern District of New York.  Plaintiff alleges that Defendant Yourke, public official at the EEOC–was “putting charges filed by African-American in the “C” category and dismissing the charges when sufficient evidence indicated that discrimination had occurred.”

*Disclaimer:  The cases listed may no longer represent the current disposition of the case.  In cases decided on summary judgment, the court recited the “facts” in the light most favorable to the non-movant,which may or may not be the true facts.